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Last Updated: 3.25.2020

Working from Home? We've Got your Back!

With more and more clients working from home due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 your VPN solution is being put to the test! For those of you utilizing the Mobile VPN with SSL Client from WatchGuard on the latest build of Windows 10 you may want a refresher on how to connect to your Office network from home. Of course you can always contact StarNet Technologies directly and we'll be happy to assist, or you can keep this guide handy!

Getting Started

First look for the WatchGuard icon in the taskbar on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. It's the icon that looks like a little W inside a circle:


Now right-click on this icon and left-click on Connect:


TIP: If you don't see the WatchGuard icon in the taskbar, look for the WatchGuard icon on the desktop and double-click the icon. The WatchGuard desktop icon looks like this:


Connecting to your VPN

Now the WatchGuard window should be open in the middle of your screen. The Server name and User name should already be filled out for you (if not, please contact StarNet). Simply enter your password and hit Connect:


Now WatchGuard will begin the connection process, this may take a few moments. During this process you will see a smaller window like this with various stages of the connection process displayed:


Once the connection process completes successfully the window above will disappear and the W icon in the taskbar will turn green:


That's it! You are now connected to your VPN. If you have any problems with this process feel free to reach out to StarNet Technologies, we're happy to help and only a phone call away! 

TIP: After the W icon in the taskbar turns green it may take up to another two to three minutes for your office network resources to become available. 

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