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Photo by our FAA Certified Drone Pilot 


StarNet Technologis Chattanooga Logo

We are system architects. We will plan, build, install, maintain, repair, and replace hardware & software throughout its life-cycle.

We are proficient with most server, end user, and mobile operating systems, including Microsoft, Apple, Ubuntu, and Droid, etc. We can, and do, learn your systems even if they are non-standard.

We fully understand, manage, and facilitate the various technologies that your organization will use, including . . .

"We often tell potential clients that it would be simpler to tell you the services that we don't offer."

  • Server & Computer Management

  • Firewall & Network Management

  • Offsite (Cloud) Backup Solutions

  • Fast 24/7 Emergency Support

  • On-Site or Remote Support

  • Ransomware Prevention & Remediation

  • Experienced Consultation

  • Business Process Optimization

  • Tutoring Services

  • Daily Help Desk Support

  • Cabling / Wiring

  • HIPAA & PCI Compliance

  • Wireless Solutions

  • New Employee Training

  • Office Phone Systems

  • Cloud Services Management

  • Server Virtualization

  • Website Creation & Management

  • Licensing Audit Assistance

  • IT Company Policy Management

  • Network Documentation

  • Anti-Malware & Data Recovery

  • Surveillance System Integration

  • Audio / Video Integration

  • Domain & DNS Management

  • Email / Exchange Management

  • Technical Project Management

  • Emergency Computer Rental

  • FAA Certified Drone Services

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions

Whether you are an "army of one" or an established organization with many employees, the health and coordination of your digital world is increasingly vital to your success and, frankly, your sanity.  Do all of the "parts" fit together and seamlessly flow?  Does the technology that you use everyday cause you pain?  Could it be better, faster, cheaper?  We would love to sit down for a few minutes to hear your story.

How does your organization appear when potential customers view your business on the Internet and email correspondence?  Stable? Secure, maintained, and attractive? When you send email, does it come from your company's domain or are you sending email from a free internet service like Yahoo, AOL, or GMail?  Do you have a web site?  Does the quality of your web site compliment or harm your organization's public image? We would like to help you with that.

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