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Why choose us?

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You are our Partner

StarNet Technologies is not a typical “computer geek” services company. We are a full-service company staffed by professionals who know their stuff. We don’t respond to your call for help by shaking our bag of tricks to see what we can sell you. We consider you to be our partner and our goal is your success - and a large part of that goal is to keep your costs low while still delivering high quality hardware, software, and services.




Your needs, not ours

No up-charge on Hardware/Software/Licenses - You pay what it costs. We consult based upon your needs, not ours. Simply put: we only sell our time.

We don't nickle & dime

When you receive an Invoice from StarNet, it is clean.  You won't have to guess what you are paying for.  No hidden or surprise fees, bundled items, cryptic invoices, or "just one more thing".  Just good business.

Satisfied Clients

We are still serving our first customer and have maintained a 100% customer retention rate since day one. We have served almost 200 unique clients in the Chattanooga area in almost every industry represented in our city.

Business Based on Relationships

We build long-term relationships based on trust and a win/win.

Our Goal

From Mom 'n Pop to Enterprise organizations and all endeavors in between, we are happy to come along side you as your IT partner.  Our goal is the same as yours - to see you grow and meet your goals and expectations in the most sensible and cost-effective way possible. We are consultants first.  We consult according to what's best for you, both now and as you grow - not what's best for our own profit or to squeeze you into our line of products and services.
Your "physical infrastructure" is vital to your business. How difficult it would be to accomplish your goals with the roof leaking, or a door missing, or a broken window in your storefront. You would likely repair this as soon as possible both for your sake and for the image that these imperfections would project to the public. Your digital infrastructure is just as vital.  We can help you with that.

Our Beliefs

We believe that a long-lasting relationship is conducive to familiarity with business hardware, software, processes, and unique configurations. Therefore, it is less expensive for a company to partner with us and, as we grow together, enjoy the benefits of a solid business relationship.

We believe that your digital infrastructure is as important as, if not more important than, your physical infrastructure. Many offices, if a catastrophe should occur, could simply move to another building and be up and running relatively quickly. But if your digital infrastructure is destroyed with no chance for restoration, how will you survive? That's where we come in. We will stabilize your data and processes, ensure that your data is safe, and walk with you through the years as you grow.

We believe that technology doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive. Technology is a means to an end - not a game or a toy. 

We believe that most businesses could do more with less through better planning and resourcefulness. Save the money for the truly important things. 

We believe that there is a way to achieve the goal that you have set . . . we just have to find it.

We believe that our high level of customer service and quick problem resolution sets us apart from the rest.  We deliver the customer service that you are paying for.

We believe that you should get what you are paying for - not wonder what you are paying for.


We will not wear you out with a constant flow of invoices full of techno-babble.  We believe that customers should be respected - not talked down to or taken advantage of.

We at StarNet Technologies live and work knowing that it's all about the relationships. We know how hard you work. We know the value of your precious time. That's why we serve our clients with white glove customer service, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of quality services.
We not only serve the small business owners of Chattanooga . . . we are small business owners in Chattanooga.  Extravagance is not our goal, and especially not at your expense.

We support three local non-profits that protect children and benefit homeless mothers and children, and sick children and their families.  Our clients, therefore, become a part of these opportunities.

How We Work

By design, we charge much less per hour than similar companies.  Our business model is to profit the long-term relationships built on trust and true partnerships.  Working as an extension of your business, we look out for your best interest, not our sales goals.  Our goal is always a Win/Win.


Our highest hourly rate is for complex, but non-specialized work.  When possible, we drop our rates, based upon the complexity of the network.  If your network is less complex than others, you will pay less than others.  If we have to hire a specialist, we will manage the project at regular cost plus the specialist’s fees.

When we come on site, we charge a minimum of one hour.  Remote work is charged in blocks of 15 minutes.  All communications are subject to count toward billable hours.  As a value-add, we often do not charge for short conversations, but this should not be expected.
We don’t profit from most sales of hardware/software/services.  Other companies will mark these up from 2% to 25% or higher.  We don’t charge a penny more because we want you to know that we consult based upon your needs, not based upon higher margins for us.  The exception to this is backup services.  We do profit from backup services but we still offer the best deal in town.  We also mark up some service a tiny amount to cover our internal management of the services, but we still keep it at the absolute minimum and provide the services at prices lower that most or all others in Chattanooga.
Our response time is minutes to hours, depending on the severity of the situation.  We sometimes schedule work several days or weeks in advance, when appropriate/requested.  I assume you want to know how fast we will respond in an emergency.  Emergencies always take top priority, and we respond immediately.


While we do keep our pricing low for larger clients, we also work very hard to ensure that even very small companies can enjoy the benefits of a large company, which makes the smaller companies more competitive in the marketplace.  A small company that presents itself well can often take customers from much larger competitors.

Our strategy is to base a client's labor rate on the complexity of the network.  If a client has a simple network, they pay less per hour for service.  Larger clients with complex networks pay more for getting more, but often pay much less than our competitors charge.

Yes, StarNet is very different, and the difference is working for us and our clients.  Below is our pricing model.

Service Rates.png
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