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What's Lurking Inside...

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

If you have never opened up your computer you may be in for a nasty surprise!

"Well, I'm a neat freak and my office is spotless"

No matter how clean you keep your office this won't stop dust bunnies from invading your PC. In order to stay cool, computers have several fans inside to suck air in one side and direct it out the other. This constant flow of air causes particles in the air to gradually accumulate on the inside of your PC.

"What's the danger anyway? No one cares what the INSIDE of my computer looks like!"

Computers like to be cool. The fans provide a constant flow of air through the computer to remove heat generated by components inside your computer. If these components don't stay cool, their useful life is greatly reduced and you will be replacing the computer sooner than necessary. Additionally most modern day CPUs are designed to thermal throttle. This means that if your computer determines it is getting too hot it will dial back the clock speed of the CPU. So dust can actually make your computer SLOW!

"How often does my computer need cleaned?"

Great question! This is highly dependent on your environment. While a typical 'clean' office may only need it's computer cleaned out once a year, if you have computers in a warehouse or a repair facility they may need cleaned out several times a year.

"Can I clean my own computer? How?"

That depends on how comfortable you are removing the side panel on your computer. A few key points to remember:

  • Gracefully shut down your computer first

  • Unplug all power & other cables from the back of your computer

  • Take the computer outside (you will thank us later)

  • Remove the side panel, and grasp the metal casing of the computer with one hand to discharge any static in your body.

  • Use cans of compressed air (or an air compressor if you have access to one)

  • NEVER use a vacuum cleaner, they create static electricity which is the enemy of your computer!

"Woah. Hold on a minute. OPEN MY COMPUTER!?!"

We're here to help! If the thought of opening your computer makes you uncomfortable, we would recommend that you contact StarNet Technologies at 423-290-1623 as soon as possible so we can assist! Additionally prevention is the key! Did you know that StarNet Technologies offers monthly maintenance plans? With our maintenance plans, StarNet can periodically clean the dust build up out your computers & servers, as well as perform checks and updates on your systems each month to prevent issues and unforeseen downtime. Don't let issues like this catch you off-guard - contact us today for more information!

StarNet Technologies | | 423.290.1623

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