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Major Verizon Outage in Chattanooga

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Did you know the Verizon network is experiencing major outages in our area today?

Thankfully, some types of communications are still working. This is a good time to remind our customers how to communicate with us in the most effective manner.

Need Technical Help?

Easy! Just send an email to Email is generally considered passive communication, but we have constructed an automated system that sends us into action immediately. You will receive a reply to your email stating that we have received it, and a qualified technician will take ownership of your request quickly and reply by email or phone to get started.

Need Technical or Administrative help?

A phone call is always welcome. Real-time voice communication is the most proactive and effective communication. Please save StarNet's phone number and call anytime for anything. We would love to hear from you. (423) 290-1623

Text Messaging works, too!

While this is the least effective form of communication, it is an option. You can text us at the same number you have used for over six years. (423) 290-1623

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