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My laptop is on fire!

Yes, we hear that a lot, especially from new clients before we have done our magic. But, first things first, get out of the building and call 9-1-1... After the smoke has cleared, call StarNet!

"HOW should I contact StarNet?"

That's a very good question! Several years ago, to ensure that we receive your call for help, we built a Support Ticket Queue. The entire Support Team receives your call for help when you

Call or Text: (423) 290-1623

This process enables us to quickly and effectively manage the workflow and keep track of calls when a very busy day may result in your call being missed.

There are some pitfalls that you can avoid when calling or emailing individual members of our Support Team. Sometimes, one or more of our team may be out of the office, on vacation, catching up on sleep after a long night of work, in a meeting, in training, out of mobile range, or any number of other reasons that one of our Support Team members might miss your call for help. We will always receive your call for help when it goes to the Support Ticket Queue or the main phone number.

We even have someone on call 24-7-365 to ensure that your call for help is answered outside of normal business hours.

Thanks for helping us to help you!

Thank you for being such a great client. We truly do have the best clients in town and we appreciate you very much!

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