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core values

Truth | Integrity | Family

Partnership | Generosity 

Respect | Justice | Trust

Kindness | Mercy | Care

Provision | Security | Wisdom

Community | Order | Hope

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StarNet Technologies operates according to Christian-based values, beliefs, and practices.  With daily intentionality, we aim for the common goals that uphold our lives and company standards.  We discipline ourselves and carefully plan our steps to steer our processes in line with God's heart and character.  We fail.  We succeed.  We fall somewhere in between, yet always setting our faces and hearts toward His path.

We believe that Christian values, beliefs, and practices will enrich the lives of our employees, clients, and vendors.


Better is a poor person who walks in

his integrity than one who is crooked

in speech and is a fool.



Show yourself in all respects to be a

model of good works, and in your

teaching show integrity, dignity.

Titus 2:7

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